Devastating the Gulf of Mexico. Digging up dirty oil in the tar sands. Keeping the world addicted to fossil fuels and making climate catastrophe inevitable. Yet BP is the London 2012 'Sustainability Partner'.

Dow Green Wash Gold 2012

Sheltering a fugitive corporation from justice. A corporation it happily merged with that is wanted, on CRIMINAL charges, for the culpable homicide of 25,000 people in the world's worst industrial disaster. Just one of the reasons why the Dow Chemical Company are not living up to the ideals of 'Olympism'.

Rio Tinto Green Wash Gold 2012

Mining giant Rio Tinto is providing metals for the 2012 Olympic medals from mines in USA and Mongolia, producing deadly air pollution in Utah and endangering scarce water sources in the Gobi desert. It's scandalous that athletes will be presented medals tainted with injustice, environmental pollution and deadly health impacts.

Greenwash Gold 2012 medals awarded

Voting has now closed as the Greenwash Gold 2012 medals have been awarded!

 And the gold is for...

Rio Tinto


Greenwash Gold 2012

Three months ago we asked you Which dodgy company most deserves the Greenwash Gold medal in 2012? Who is covering up the most environmental destruction and devastating the most communities while pretending to be a good corporate citizen by sponsoring the Olympic games?

With so many controversial companies providing sponsorship, it was a pretty tough call to make, but we shortlisted three and enlisted your help to choose who would get the dishonour.

You can still watch the three short animations on Dow, BP and Rio Tinto below.

Tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter who you voted for and why.

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Olympic Protesters Arrested for Spilling Custard

Campaigners condemn heavy-handed policing of Greenwash Gold Award ceremony

A mock awards ceremony at the Olympic Clock in Trafalgar Square descended into farce today after police arrested six people taking part. Three people pretending to be corporate representatives from BP, Dow and Rio Tinto were awarded gold medals for being the worst corporate sponsors of the Olympics, before having small quantities of green custard poured over their heads. The good-natured performance took about 15 minutes and was clearly amusing a number of passers by.


Sambhavna, by Joe Malone

Joe Malone has created a documentary about the Bhopal gas disaster and Dow Chemical's current responsibilities to the people of Bhopal. It also celebrates the Sambhavna Clinic, which provides free health care to victims of the Bhopal gas disaster and to the victims of the water contamination. The contamination is caused by the fact that the site of the disaster has still not been cleaned up.



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